MailChimp Integration * No parameters are required. * * @return array on error. Typical errors include: invalid API Key, or No API Key provided. On Success, MailChimp Integration settings are updated * with the new API key. */ function configureMailchimp(){ //configuration variable in options - wplead_mailchimp_settings //check that the API key was provided. If not, return with error $apikey=trim($_REQUEST["mailchimp_api_key"]); if($apikey==""){ return array("errors"=>array("An API Key is Required.")); } //test the API to make certain it is valid $api=new WPLeadsMCAPI($apikey,1); $api->lists(); if($api->errorCode!=""){ return array("errors"=>array("An error occurred while attempting to connect to the MailChimp server. Error: $api->errorMessage")); } //first - if the current key is null - and we've successfully created a new key - let's congratulate them. $currentKey=WPLeadsMailChimpController::get_valid_mailchimp_key(); if($currentKey==""){ $messages["successes"][]="Success! Now you can select a MailChimp list below :)"; WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_last_updated(); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_configured(0); } //now that we know the API key is valid, enter it into the system for future use. WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_apikey($apikey); //If the key has already been set - they are changing the list settings. if($apikey==$currentKey && $currentKey!=""){ //make sure we're not changing the key WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_listid($_REQUEST["mailchimp_list_id"]); if($_REQUEST["mailchimp_list_id"]){ $messages["successes"][]="Perfect. Your leads are now being sent to your MailChimp account. Awesome."; WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_last_updated(); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_configured(1); }else{ $messages["successes"][]="Your API Key is Set. In order to complete the integration, please choose a MailChimp List below."; WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_last_updated(); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_configured(0); } } //let the user know everything went well :) return $messages; } /** * Requests a valid MailChimp API key. Looks up the wplead_mailchimp_settings apiKey option, then tests the provided API key against * the MailChimp Servers. * * No parameters are required. * * @return string containing the API key on success. On Error, return array with the corresponding error message. * */ function get_valid_mailchimp_key(){ //check to make sure this is not the initial configuration $settings=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_apikey"); if(!empty($settings["apikey"])){ $api=new WPLeadsMCAPI($settings["apikey"],1); $api->lists(); //if the current key is no longer valid, reset the key to null and return an error to the user, requesting a new key. Otherwise //return the current key. if($api->errorCode !== ""){ WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_apikey(""); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_listid(""); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_last_updated(); WPLeadsMailChimpController::set_mailchimp_configured(0); return array("The API Key previously used ({$settings["apikey"]}) is no longer valid. Please enter a new API key."); }else{ return $settings["apikey"]; } //if the key is currently null, then this is the initial configuration, return nothing. } } /** * Retrieves the MailChimp API key with the get_valid_mailchimp_key function above, then retrieves the MailChimp lists associated with the retrieved Key. * * No parameters are required. * * @return string containing a select box with all MailChimp Lists associated with the API key. * If the API key is no longer valid, return nothing. This avoids an empty MailChimp List Integration option within the Add / Edit Wplead dialogs. * */ function get_lists(){ $key=WPLeadsMailChimpController::get_valid_mailchimp_key(); $listSelection=null; $currentMailChimpID=null; if(!is_array($key) && !empty($key)){ $currentMailChimpID=WPLeadsMailChimpController::get_list_id(); $api=new WPLeadsMCAPI($key,1); $lists=$api->lists(); $listSelection=""; } return $listSelection; } function get_list_id(){ $settings=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_listid"); if(!empty($settings["listid"])){ return $settings["listid"]; } } /** * Subscribes new attendees to the MailChimp List associated with the corresponding Wplead. Upon successful subscription, adds an attendee_id to wplead_id * relationship for possible backward integration. * * @param string $email - the email address to subscribe * */ function list_subscribe($fname,$lname,$email){ $mailchimp=WPLeadsMailChimpController::get_wp_settings(); $mailChimpListID=$mailchimp["listid"]; //check to make sure the list ID is valid and available if($mailChimpListID){ $mailChimpKey=WPLeadsMailChimpController::get_valid_mailchimp_key(); //make certain the key is still valid with the MailChimp Servers if(!is_array($mailChimpKey) && !empty($mailChimpKey)){ $api = new WPLeadsMCAPI($mailChimpKey); $merge_vars = array("FNAME"=>$fname,"LNAME"=>$lname); //subscribe the attendee to the selected MailChimp list $api->listSubscribe($mailChimpListID,$email,$merge_vars); } } } function set_mailchimp_apikey($key){ update_option('wpleads_mailchimp_apikey', array("apikey"=>$key)); } function set_mailchimp_listid($listid){ update_option('wpleads_mailchimp_listid', array("listid"=>$listid)); } function set_mailchimp_last_updated(){ update_option('wpleads_mailchimp_last_updated', array("last_updated"=>date("m/d/Y h:i:s"))); } function set_mailchimp_configured($isConfigured){ update_option('wpleads_mailchimp_configured', array("configured"=>$isConfigured)); } function get_wp_settings(){ $apikey=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_apikey"); $listid=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_listid"); $last_updated=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_last_updated"); $configured=get_option("wpleads_mailchimp_configured"); $return=array( "apikey"=>$apikey["apikey"], "listid"=>$listid["listid"], "last_updated"=>$last_updated["last_updated"], "configured"=>$configured["configured"] ); $return=WPLeadsInterface::sanitizeData($return); return $return; } } ?>

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